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Tracking Talent Worldwide

About Lupos Global

Lupos Global is a Specialist Aviation Recruitment Consultancy providing candidates with career opportunities across the Aviation & Aerospace and Engineering Sectors worldwide. Working with aviation companies ranging from small disruptive independents through to industry leading brands, we advise clients on how to attract, retain and develop their value enhancing talent. 

Our candidate engagement approaches allow us to track down talent, wherever it may be in the world for permanent, contract or project hire opportunities across a rapidly expanding and increasingly complex industry. We guarantee staffing solutions through our excellent candidate relationships, nurtured by our team of experts, whose credibility and expertise have developed over many years of sector specific experience.

In short - we have an eye for aviation talent and use this to add value to candidates and clients alike.

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Aviation and Aerospace

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) forecast significant growth in the aviation industry as regional economies grow and passenger numbers increase. With manpower shortages across the industry set to become a limiting factor to growth, working with Specialist Aviation Recruiters who understand this industry dynamic whilst retaining the loyalty of value enhancing talent is crucial to building successful businesses.Our customer base includes, but is not limited to: OEMs, Part 145 MRO’s and repair stations, engineering, support and logistics/supply chain companies, Part 121, Part 135, Part 91 aircraft operators, and defence contractors.


Advances in technology are not solely confined to the equipment in the aviation industry. The engineering sector, much like aviation, is being impacted by the move to digitalisation, with the advent of advanced technologies such as distributed ledgers, additive manufacturing (3D Printing) blockchains, big data and artificial intelligence all making their mark.

Candidates and clients require partners who understand the the impacts of technological advances on the market and who act as trusted advisors through complex recruitment challenges. Our unrivalled experience in this technical arena gives all parties confidence that we can deliver, a fact borne out by the guarantees that we offer in our value proposition.


Lupos Global confidently assured us that they would be able to source a large number of qualified and vetted licensed engineers to work on a permanent basis in Europe. Our internal teams had struggled and as a National Flag carrier, we doubted that a consultancy would fare better. Lupos Global pride themselves on their candidate engagement and it is clear from their grasp of the industry and the quality of the candidates submitted that this works. We have now successfully placed a number of engineers within the team and with more growth to follow, we are pleased to rely on a partner with such quality. 

Maintenance Manager - Europe

Lupos Global proactively managed the recruitment and deployment of contractors required at short notice to cater for an unexpected surge in maintenance activity. The quality of engineer, each fully referenced, certified and in possession of all documentation allowed us to take quick decisions and get the team working quickly. We will certainly be using Lupos again for future scheduled maintenance.

Base Maintenance Manager - Europe

We needed type rated Captains and First Officers for contract roles working in West Africa servicing our Oil & Gas clients. To find the right staff, we needed a recruiting partner that not only understood the position requirements but also the complexities of working in West Africa. Lupos not only found the candidates we required, but provided a full service solution which saw the team deploy in compliance with local immigration and tax requirements. We will certainly be using them for future requirements.  

Chief Pilot - West Africa

Lupos Global helped me find an excellent contract position in the Middle East and guided me through the logistics of moving abroad. Most importantly, the quality of their assignment support is excellent with the agreed pay rates being delivered accurately each and every time. They have taken away the considerable administrative burden from contracting and I look forward to working via Lupos on future contracts.

Paul - B1 Engineer




We set Lupos Global a challenging task of finding a niche skill set for our design engineering department. Lupos' approach not only identified a number of suitable candidates but also dealt with the more challenging cultural fit which in an expanding company is vital for continued growth. We have now successfully concluded this search and have instructed Lupos to assist with further recruitment in our engineering departments

HR Director - Rotary Design Company




Lupos Global approached me for a contract position in a large aviation company based in the UK. The systems integration project presented met my needs for a longer term contract coupled with professional development. Their support has been excellent and I am looking forward to continuing this relationship.

James - Systems Integration Consultant




Lupos Global approached me about a Test and Acceptance Engineer for a Secure Communications company in in the UK. The professionalism throughout the process, along with a willingness to put themselves out for me allowed me to rapidly build trust in their ability to deliver. I would certainly recommend their support for other job seekers

Alan - Test and Acceptance Engineer